Darron L. West

Off-Broadway Review: “Mlima’s Tale” at the Public’s Martinson Hall

“I’m Mlima of the Great Plains. Eldest of my clan. I was tracked for many days, taken by a poison arrow. Why are there so many of you?! Mumbi? Koko? Do you hear me?” Mighty Mlima, “Kenya’s most famous elephant,” – the old, large elephant “with extraordinary tusks” – is murdered for those tusks by the Somali poachers Raman and…

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Broadway Review: “Lobby Hero” Crackles the Conscience at Second Stage’s Hayes Theatre

“I just don’t want to be one of those pathetic guys in lobbies who are always telling you about their big plans you know they’re never gonna do. I’d rather just be in the lobby and just be in the lobby. To tell you the truth, sometimes I feel like I was worn out the minute I was born.” –…

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Off-Broadway Review: “Chess Match No. 5” at Abingdon Theatre Company’s June Havoc Theatre

Now, we don’t want to say, “Where do we come in?” or, “Where do we go out?” Because we would like, I think not to leave, but to stay here, now that we’re here. – He There is nothing like watching theatre directed by SITI Company’s Anne Bogart. Her attention to detail is unparalleled and her signature staging that includes…

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