St. Lukes Theatre

“2 Across” at St. Luke’s Theatre (Open-Ended Off-Broadway Run)

Think “The Gin Game” sans playing cards and nursing home and without the requirement of aging characters and ‘Bingo’ one discovers the delightful and charming “2 Across” currently enjoying an open-ended Off-Broadway run at Manhattan’s St. Luke’s Theatre. In Jerry Mayer’s new play Janet (Andrea McArdle) and Josh (Kip Gilman) meet on an early morning BART train from the San…

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“Disaster!” at the St. Luke’s Theatre (Closed April 11, 2014) “Disaster!” Will Open on Broadway on March 16, 2016

November 7, 2013 | Broadway, Off-Broadway > | Tags:

As parodies go, Seth Rudetsky’s “Disaster!” is among the best. Eschewing lampooning just one disaster-genre movie, Mr. Rudetsky and Mr. Plotnick successfully spoof several of the catalog of doomsday films of the 1970s that feature the disfigurement, death, and discord that results from some combination of electrical or natural gas disturbances; earthquakes; floods; tsunami; sinking ships; plagues; or infestations. There…

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“Cougar the Musical” at St. Luke’s Theatre

April 7, 2013 | Off-Broadway > | Tags:

Sometime success comes in simple packages. A successful new musical needs interesting characters; these characters need engaging conflicts; the action of the musical needs to take place in a variety of inviting settings; and, finally, the plot driven by the conflicts must feature important themes. Donna Moore’s “Cougar the Musical,” currently running at St. Luke’s Theatre in Manhattan, addresses all…

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“The Wonderful Wizard of Song” at St. Luke’s Theatre

January 13, 2013 | Off-Broadway > | Tags:

There is no doubt that it is fitting to pay tribute to and celebrate Harold Arlen one of the most influential and important composers of the Great American Songbook. His unique and interesting expressive style has graced stage and screen for decades. Arlen’s collaboration with some of the best lyricists created a phenomenal range of songs that continue to pay…

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