Kraine Theatre

Off-Off-Broadway Review: “Sinners on a Southbound Bus” at FringeNYC 2016 at the Kraine Theater

Normally long bus rides usually do not cause much discomfort, taking the stress out of driving, providing some time to catch up on your latest read, or having a relaxing conversation with your travel mate to pass the time. Often the traveler can meet a stranger, strike up a conversation, share some snacks, and learn secrets about them and quite…

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Off-Off-Broadway Review: “Anonymous, Anonymous” at FringeNYC 2016 at the Kraine Theatre

“The play’s the thing wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the King.” – William Shakespeare, “Hamlet,” Act II, Scene 2. If a play has no playwright, is it a play? If a playwright’s play is entitled “Anonymous, Anonymous,” is he or she really a playwright? When is any play finished? When it has a working title? When the playwright fulfills…

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