Kia Rogers

Off-Broadway Review: “Bergen” at the Broadway Bound Theatre Festival at the 14th Street Y Theatre

There is a bleak, doleful new play entitled “Bergen” that is being presented as part of The Broadway Bound Festival at the 14th Street Y. More a play with songs than a musical, “Bergen” is set in the near future in Norway where a motley group of mediocre rock musicians try to decide what to name their band. They set…

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Off-Broadway Review: “Devil of Choice” Falters at LAByrinth Theater Company at Cherry Lane’s Studio Theatre

“Faustian bargain: (idiomatic) A deal in which one focuses on present gain without considering the long-term consequences.” Although one of the characters in the new play “Devil of Choice,” produced by Labyrinth Theater Company at the Cherry Lane Studio Theatre, is a popular professor whose highly sought-after class focuses on “Faust,” he certainly disregards the implications associated with violating morality….

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