“Dwight” at the Fresh Fruit Festival at the Wild Project (Closed July 21, 2013)

Written and Directed by Nneoma Nkuku
Reviewed by David Roberts
Theatre Reviews Limited

“Dwight” is an ill-conceived new play about a group of unlikable LGBT friends (well, no one really knows Cash’s precise sexual status) who hang out in Cash’s BIN, recycle, create art from their recycled treasures, and grumble a lot, especially when Dwight is around – which is most of the time. They unfortunately mistake ex-gangbanger Lex as their enemy even though he is Stacey’s new squeeze. Despite Lex’s efforts to “fit in” (his homophobia does create some tension), he expresses his caring by offering Dwight a condom, urging him to stay clean. Not only does this occur after the friends decide to throw Lex out, but Dwight takes great offense (he takes offense about everything) and initiates a fight with Lex. Lex returns later to make amends but is again evicted from the BIN. It is true that the audience needs to see Lex as a scurrilous cur so they can later blame him for shooting Dwight’s father but enough is enough!

There’s more to this tired plot which is driven by uninteresting characters with hopelessly uninteresting conflicts. Even the surprise ending does not prove enough of a pay-off for all that does not happen between these flat, static, under-developed characters. These are among the most unlikable and mean LGBT characters in any play purporting to be supportive of the LGBT community.

I have not identified any of the actors with their respective roles and encourage the writer and director to use this world premier as an opportunity for reimagining and revising her new play. There is nothing that cannot be repaired and certainly Nneoma Nkuku has the ability to do just that.