“Devin Bing and the Secret Service Part Deux” at the Metropolitan Room (Closed February 28, 2014)

January 18, 2014 | Cabaret | Tags:
Reviewed by Joseph Verlezza
Theatre Reviews Limited

On April 7, 2013 Theatre Reviews Limited observed that the engaging Devin Bing was on a journey to success and that it was important for this delightful and talented crooner to decide soon which “road” would be the best choice for him. This review comes after returning to the Metropolitan Room to revisit musical artist Devin Bing to hear his “Secret Service Part Deux” and to observe how Mr. Bing has progressed in his career.

He is still a performer with boundless energy that contagiously infects the audience and finds them nodding, bopping, swaying or tapping to the sometimes hypnotic albeit repetitious rhythms. His musical prowess is most evident in the jazz influenced arrangements he has penned (“Lovin’ You’s So Easy” and “Take Me or Leave Me”) and in his pleasant tenor voice: a versatile vocal instrument duly demonstrated when imitating the sounds of a trumpet during one interlude. Unfortunately his performance is solely concentrated on the sounds, riffs and rhythms he and his accompanying band can produce often disregarding the heartfelt elucidation of the lyric. The lack of emotional investment in the words he is singing, with more bravado than vulnerability, completely distances him from the material. He satisfies the visual and rhythmic senses of the audience with his style, energy, and musicianship but fails to reach their hearts with honest, genuine and purposeful interpretation.

The gracious and talented band “The Secret Service” featuring Gavi Grodsky on guitar, Michael Feinberg on base, Blaise Lanzetta on drums and Mark Bader providing percussion and vocals do a fine job and at times reach mini rock concert temperament. All said “Devin Bing and the Secret Service Part Deux” is an entertaining evening performed by a young talented musician. One can only hope that with more discipline he will settle in, find his direction, listen, learn and aspire to be the potential rising star he could be.