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Off-Broadway Review: “Lonely Planet” at the Keen Company at the Clurman at Theatre Row

“And this is the thing: they will train you, they will teach you to hit, they will teach you to move – but they never tell you about the fear. Nothing the people in your Corner can tell you will prepare you for the fear.” – Jody to Carl Despite the outstanding performances of Arnie Burton and Matt McGrath, the…

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Off-Broadway Review: “Implications of Cohabitation” Flounders at the Clurman Theatre on Theatre Row

August 11, 2016 | LGBT, Off-Broadway > | Tags: , ,

The Homeless Man (David Pendleton) sums up Nelson’s (Anthony Ruiz) dilemma in a simple phrase, “You should know there are implications to cohabitation.” Nelson is the husband and father of two families and he has not fulfilled either of those roles with any distinction from their beginnings. After the death of his wife Caitlin, Nelson wants to “make nice” with…

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Review: Keen Company’s Transformative “Boy” at the Clurman Theatre (Closed Saturday April 9, 2016)

March 28, 2016 | LGBT, Off-Broadway > | Tags: , ,

“I wouldn’t want to be Frankenstein.” (Adam to Jenny in “Boy”) The Keen Company’s Mission is to create “theater that provokes identification, reflection, and emotional connection – enduring stories fearlessly told.” In order to fulfill that mission, there must be a master storyteller who knows how to create characters with conflicts (problems) that are not only engaging but connectable. The…

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“For the Last Time” at the Clurman Theatre on Theatre Row (Closed Saturday June 20, 2015)

June 20, 2015 | Off-Broadway > | Tags: ,

When Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote “The Marble Faun” (his last novel), he was concerned about themes that recur in his previous novels. Are there any benefits extant in human suffering? What happens when humans fall into sin? Does guilt result in changes in one’s identity? This last novel also includes Hawthorne’s interest in how prolonged exposure to a foreign culture exacerbates…

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“John & Jen” at the Clurman Theatre on Theatre Row (Closed Saturday April 4, 2015)

March 14, 2015 | Off-Broadway > | Tags: ,

The charming chamber musical “John & Jen” opened in 1995 at the Lamb’s Theatre and is enjoying its twentieth anniversary revival at the Clurman Theatre on Theatre Row. It is a musical montage of the lives of Jen Tracy (Kate Baldwin), her brother John (Conor Ryan) and Jen’s son John also played by Mr. Ryan and explores the sometimes complicated…

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“Villainous Company” at Theatre Row’s Clurman Theatre (Closed January 31, 2015)

January 16, 2015 | Off-Broadway > | Tags: ,

There is a special kind of merriment in a mystery play, and no, I’m not talking about Medieval liturgical drama. A mystery play lives and dies by the intensifying of suspense, the genius of its plot, and the brilliance of its characters always being ever-so-enjoyably one step ahead (or behind) the rest of us. The theatrical equivalent of Sudoku, it’s…

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