Anna Holbrook

Off-Broadway Review: “Skeletons” at the Broadway Bound Theatre Festival at the 14th Street Y Theatre

The members of the Gordon family have secrets they hope will never be disclosed, embarrassing facts or simply undisclosed facts that, if revealed, might have a detrimental impact on how they are perceived by other family members or by the community at large. These “skeletons in the closet” can be kept at bay and remain hidden knowingly – consciously –…

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Off-Broadway Review: “Daniel’s Husband” at Primary Stages at Cherry Lane Theatre

“The thing was, I was really good at it. And I loved it. I just loved being able to . . . I don’t know . . . make someone more comfortable. Make some of their pain go away. And it wasn’t just because it was someone I loved. It was . . . the fact that I was in…

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