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"You Want Me To Do What?!?" at The Cherry Lane Theatre Main Stage
Written and Performed by Mary Lou Shriber
Directed by Joe Ricci
Reviewed by Joseph Verlezza, Theatre Reviews Limited

You Want Me to Do What?!? - Mary Lou Shriber An amazing opportunity presents itself to experience the wonderfully uplifting performance by Mary Lou Shriber in her new musical “You Want Me To Do What?!?” now playing at the Cherry Lane Theatre as part of the All For One Festival. There are quite a number of accomplishments to admire as you listen to Ms. Shriber reveal her past and celebrate her present through informative dialogue and heartfelt song. Granting her father’s dying wish that she become a nurse and fulfilling her own dream of a career as an actor are certainly rewarding accomplishments. Having the intelligence and personality to do both very well is notable, but to have the essence of each career collide and explode into an emotional exploration of her life is a remarkable achievement. Her compassion and respect for patients as a nurse is transferred to the stage with ease, assuring the audience of her honesty and integrity.

Ms. Shriber ‘s writing is sharp, direct and precise. The structure of her solo is strong and interesting as she seamlessly flows from dialogue to song, never losing any emotional momentum. The songs are not forced nor contrived nor erratically placed for mere entertainment, but move the story forward in a well edited fashion. Reviewing and remembering her past and connecting it to her present is an extraordinary journey traveled with confidence and intense focus as she relives each moment, sometimes being the last for many of her patients. She has learned about courage, witnessed the pain, felt the sadness, exalted in the joy of life and always with great respect treated death with dignity. All of this allows Ms. Shriber to develop a passionate tale, claiming her place on stage as a consummate, talented writer and most of all a sincere human being who understands the powerful effect of good theatre.

Musical director John Baxindine provides the keyboard accompaniment with sensible interpretation, always supporting the mood without intrusion. Joe Ricci as director lets Ms. Shriber waste no time moving through the evening at a well clipped pace, resourceful but never with indulgent empathy.


Presented by the All For One Theater Festival, Inc. at the Cherry Lane Theatre. Written and performed by Mary Lou Shriber. Directed by Joe Ricci. Musical Direction by John Baxindine. Lighting design by Graham Kindred. Sound design by Christopher Jensen. 

“You Want Me To Do What?!?” will be performed on Saturday September 29th at 2:00 p.m. at The Cherry Lane Theatre, 38 Commerce Street, NYC, (west of 7th Avenue South, 3 blocks south of Christopher Street), and accessible via the A, B, C, D, F and M trains to West 4th Street or the #1 to Christopher Street. Tickets are $25.00 and can be purchased online at or by phone at 212-352-3101 or in person at the Cherry Lane Theatre Box Office. For more information about the All For One Festival and a schedule off all Festival performances, visit

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