News: The Flea Extends Adam Rapp’s Acclaimed “Wolf in the River” through May 16

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News: The Flea Extends Adam Rapp’s “Wolf in the River” through May 16
Cast Changes and Schedule Changes Announced
By David Roberts
Theatre Reviews Limited

“Extraordinary… Nothing like you have ever seen before and nothing you are likely ever to see again.” – Theatre Reviews Limited

Adam Rapp’s “Wolf in the River,” an impressionistic glimpse into the poetry of broken people, will now run through May 16. Written and directed by Adam Rapp, featuring members of The Bats, The Flea’s resident acting company.

In “Wolf in the Rover,” Adam Rapp explores love and neglect, the challenges of poverty, the dangerous cost of shiftlessness, the simple notion of leaving a place behind, and the value of a girl. Ben Brantley says the production is full of “savage lyricism” and “vivacious staging”. David Roberts says, “Under Mr. Rapp’s extraordinary direction, the ensemble cast of “Wolf in the River” brings the audience to a level of awareness and responsibility the theatre too often buries under the veneer of entertainment and the umbilical cord of numbness.”

Following the April 4th performance of “Wolf in the Rover,” the production will take a three-week hiatus. Upon its return on April 28th, “Wolf in the River” will run rep with Sarah Gancher’s “The Place We Built,” with two notable casting changes. The role of The Wolf, currently played by Jack Ellis, will be assumed by Olivia Jampol. The role of Monty Mae Maloney, currently played by Xanthe Paige, will be assumed by Kristin Friedlander. The Flea’s production features The Bats: William Apps, Maki Borden (Take Care), Alexandra Curran (Student Body), Karen Eilbacher (a cautionary tale), Jack Ellis, Kristin Friedlander (The Cutthroat Series), Jack Horton Gilbert (The Mysteries), John Paul Harkins (Mary Kate Olsen is in Love), Olivia Jampol (Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom), Artem Kreimer (The Shakes), Derek Christopher Murphy (Take Care), Xanthe Paige, Mike Swift, Kate Thulin (The Mysteries), and Casey Wortmann. The creative team includes Arnulfo Maldonado (scenic design), Masha Tsimring (lighting design), Michael Hili & Hallie Elizabeth Newton (costume design), Brendan Connelly (sound design), Zach Serafin (props design), J. David Brimmer (fight choreography), Sarah East Johnson (aerial consultant), Anne Cecelia Haney (assistant director) Morgan Leigh Beach (stage manager), and Annie Jenkins (assistant stage manager).